Ben’s Eye Cancer Fund

I need folks to help my brother Ben. With money.

He was recently diagnosed with eye cancer – yes, eye cancer – more specifically, choroidal melanoma. He’s being treated with a radiation implant at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, so it’s sort of like he’s been turned into a radioactive Borg.

He’s already had to spend $1,000 for genetic testing of a biopsy, which is not covered by insurance, and another $1,000 on hospital/ government mandated accommodations that are also not covered by insurance.  The first week of treatment has already cost him and his wife Jeanette $2000 out of pocket and they haven’t even received any bills from the hospital and doctors yet.

Since this is only week 1 they are understandably freaked out and overwhelmed, not only by the cancer (obviously, it’s cancer), but also by how fast the costs are just snowballing.

So for now, I’m hoping we can pull together $2,000 for them. But knowing there are likely to be many more headaches (and eye-aches) with whatever bills insurance will and will not cover, and since we don’t know just how serious this will all be in the end, that’s not written in stone.

Even the smallest amounts are welcome, but bigger amounts are more welcome.

Ben’s a really good man, and all sorts of people rely on him. Frankly, given all the good he has done and will continue to do, this is literally the least we can all do for him.

So click his face down there and donate. All of it goes to help Ben and Jeanette get through this.


$4908.51 RAISED SO FAR as of 10/17/2016 9:12pm